Reasons to stop being afraid of life after university


When graduation from the university is around the corner, your custom admissions essay is written, and you are beginning to be embraced with the excitement and thrill at the thought of the future is not so difficult to get into this maelstrom of despair. While your friends invent ingenious plans for the first period after graduation (breeding llamas in Peru, for example), you only succeeded in watching endless serials and periodic panic attacks, dealing a devastating crisis in the labor market.

Is about to stop all your student privileges, and when someone dares to ask about your career plans, he faces risks of becoming a witness of a nervous breakdown. If you do any of this, then read the following points, it must help.

You are young

If you are enrolled in college right after high school, then at the time of graduation, you should not be more than 23 years, and therefore it’s not necessarily to grasp at any boring eight hours job, which you will be offered. You can take your time and postpone the fateful decision.

Comparing yourself with others it’s a waste of time

If your friend, classmate or neighbor miraculously found a dream job for a few days, does not mean that youthe default loser. Do not look at the others, each person’s path is unique.

You won’t understand who you want to be, until you find out who you are.

While studying at the university, young people, surprised with new to them colorful and bustling student life, sometimes change considerably. Changing their outlook on life, goals and ideals, even interests. To know for sure that it is now for you in the priority of experiencing yourself, try something new, while you can. You have to look, experiment, try, and not only during studying but also after it. And if you think you can not be, please refer to first point. There’s no hurry, but it’s time to be brave and open to everything new.

Many successful people have chosen their way by accident.

According to recent studies, 19 out of 20 students of yesterday change a few jobs in the first three years, and many are changing their profession at all. Be ready for that dream career would be not like you imagined. And do not be afraid to trust the occasion, sometimes is the best solution.

Your diploma will not be lost in vain

If all of a sudden, after studying, say, for a psychologist, you will decide that it is not yours, that you want to work on a fishing boat somewhere in Scandinavia and not be aware of grief, do not worry about wasted lived years. Higher education is never superfluous. The knowledge and skills acquired during the studies, is always useful. Moreover, the employer always appreciate your academic success, even in an inappropriate area. By the way, diploma have no the shelf life, so that if a psychologist tired of Norwegian herring, he will be able to return everything in its place (of course, not without effort).

You are not alone

If you think that in the whole world there is no more hopeless, frightened and confused student than you, then you’re wrong. Believe virtually all faced with similar problems. And cope with them. You will cope too. Do not allow the plans to get out of control, be assembled and consistent. Understand that you do not need to decide right now what to do until the end of your days, you just have to do one of the many important steps.


How to make friends in college


It does not matter where you come to the first day of school: a small private school, or a huge universitymeeting new people can be a real challenge for you. If you want to make friends with fellow students need to remember that they are all just as nervous and scared as you are, so you need to integrate into society as soon as possible, as long as the class is not crashed on the closed group. If you want to learn how to quickly make friends in college, listen to these advices.

Be active

Sign up for one or two groups of interest. This is the easiest and most effective way to meet new people who share similar hobbies. Do not be afraid to go there alone. This is the only way to get to know people better, especially if you are learning in a large university. Small university colleges do not offer a large selection of clubs. They are usually related to the technical and vocational program. During the first few weeks each student attends such classes himself. If you enroll in a circle later, most people will still be happy to see you in class. You can choose on your liking or at random.

Join a local sports team.

Sports activities a wonderful way to make new acquaintances. All team members are united by one goal. If you do not like the team inter-university competitions, you can join the local team. Much of your time will be spent on training, which will create a team spirit. During the game you will feel like a member of a huge family. If you do not like sports, do some theater or music.

Sign up for extracurricular activities.

Electives (especially on the basis of the laboratory) are a wonderful way to make friends. If you are interested in music, join a group or choir or music producer course, if interested in writing then try yourself in writing help. If you love art, sign up for art history. If you like sport, sign up for bowling or weightlifting. If you want to know about health care, sign up for elective psychology or biology.

Sign up for Facebookis not the time to be original.

If you are not registered on Facebook, your new acquaintances may not remember you, and completely stop communicating. You can not receive invitations to social events. In the modern age of the Internet need to add on Facebook some classmates and fellow students to make friends with them. This must be done immediately after a personal meeting. Join groups that meet your interests – so you can make friends with new people.

Consider the possibility of joining a student organization or student women’s club.

The so-called “Greek society” is not for everyone, but do not discard the thought of it until you try. On the territory of some of the colleges “Greek life” leads society. If you ignore the active steps, you risk an opportunity to make friends for life only because of your skepticism. In other colleges, student organizations include the small number of students. However, student organizations – is a great way to make friends.

Writing vs Typing


More and more people in the world today prefer to print text, instead of writing by hand. Many admit that when still have to use pen and paper, writing obtained with difficulty. Soon letters and postcards can become museum pieces, because even children learn faster computer than writing.

Quite a large number of writers – both beginners and venerablewonder sometimes the following question: how exactly convenient to bring their ideas to life. Each eventually makes a final choice you know, for example, that Stephen King is more prone to computer typing, and Clive Barker essentially creates his cyclopean works only on paper.

There is, of course, a third waysaying the text on the recorder, and then give it to the other party for decryption. But nowadays, this technique is not too common, and most of the authors makes the choice is between the electronic text editors and paper notebook.

The process of writing, calligraphers say, similar to meditation. Man, exempting from the hand of the letter, it is immersed in a light trance, very useful for the brain. Besides, the more you write, the faster developing brains. Practice writing is irreplaceable.

In school, writing by hand helps to develop the brain parietal share, which can be improved only in childhood, because in the future loses its elasticity.

The process of reading and writing are inseparable, and they cover almost all the senses. When a child writes on his hands, his movement left a certain mark on the part of the brain that is responsible for sensorimotor.

If you do not take into account the undeniable benefit of writings by hand, we see that the typing on the keyboard also has its advantages.

Firstly, typing on the keyboard is much faster than writing by hand. Set the text of the program immediately check the text on the grammatical errors, and also in colleges and universities is almost not accepted work written by hand, even students searching where to order essay, write in GoogleType my essay“. In addition, the handwriting can be so illegible that teachers need to spend a lot of time to decipher what his students wrote.

Therefore, the best option is to combine typing and writing by hand. Then everyone will be happy and healthy.

How to develop creative writing


For most people, writing is not easy. Sometimes, out of despair even want to tear your hair out. It attempts to create something interesting and creative take a lot of effort and patience. Writing thing, though difficult, but extremely interesting. For some it is a kind of escape from reality issues, some just want to create something of their own, private, and someone is following a more prosaic material goals.

When you complete your next writer’s masterpiece – it’s certainly a reason for pride. Each of the average person is much more creative than he supposes. You will be amazed how easily you succeed. One has only to try. Further tips can help you in all your endeavors writers. Whether it’s a short story, poetry, or even a novel.

Before you start writing have a good rest. Do not sit down to write, if you’re upset about something, or worried. If you work at a computer and are willing to spend like this a certain time, make sure you sit up straight, with your feet on the floor. With the correct posture you safeguard your back, shoulders and wrists from potential injury.

Sit down at the computer and write something. Even if you have not pondered the work plan, you can write a short scene or dialogue.

You have to love what you write. You’re probably from a school bench used to write boring essays and papers on a given topic (but most students perhaps used essay writing services). But in your work, you are free to choose only those topics that bring you pleasure. In order the story was interesting and informative, you can piece together some moments and memories from your life.

Learn to convey your emotions in writing. This will add to your work life and attract more readers.

Give to read your work to someone from the family or a stranger on the contraryhe will not feel sorry for you, and will remain as objective as possible. Novel, you worked on for several months, should not gather dust in a closet or in any folder on your computer. Someone has to read it and to point out possible deficiencies or inaccuracies. Do not be afraid of criticism.

Check and edit text very carefully several times. Make sure that the work does not contain any grammatical or spelling errors. If the work is large, make sure the subject line does not break in the middle. Look to get sure you have not lost any sense of work. Put yourself in the reader’s place and think about how to react to this product?

In order the work proceeded easier think of the beginning of and the story of your work.

Do not think about the bad, forget for a while about all the problems. Maximum focus on the content of the document.

How to choose a university and successfully graduate


Choosing an educational institution – a very important step, and sometimes it can determine all further life, both professional and personal, because often during student’s time we find true friends or soul mate. Therefore, do not trust your choice to anyone but yourself.

First we need to determine your interests and proceed from them. What are you good at? What gives you the best? What occupies your day?

It can be sports, music, literature. You may love to draw or cook, torturing neighbors playing the guitar or read avidly, you can disappear for hours in the virtual world of Internet space or dig in the wires and circuits, to perform publicly or take photos of insects. All this the outward manifestation of you inner.

Then, you need to understand what type of person you are – extrovert or introvert. First – the people of communication, they can not tolerate loneliness and more inclined to conformism. Introvert, on the contrary, to the noisy company in most cases prefer solitude, it is considered that this type is more thoughtful and selective in others. So if you feel the need to communicate, you have many friends, you like to attract attention, then your specialty may be related to those jobs that require interpersonal skills and ability to work successfully in a team – journalism, law, performing arts, politics, sales sphere. If you get tired of frequent contact with people, and the range of your communication is quite narrow and it is only those with whom you are comfortable and who you trust, that in your case you should think about choosing a profession that does not require in the future a great social activity and It allows to work in relative isolation – a sphere, not related to an aspect of the “man-man”. Also, your passion for any kind of creative work, too, can become a profession, do not deny yourself, saying that it was “not serious. Anything can become a profession.

In any case, your hobbies, and personal qualities should be the starting point in choosing a future place of study. It is necessary to determine in which school your talents, hobbies or inclination will have the opportunity to develop.

But to go to college, and graduateabsolutely different things. Even if you are enrolled in the institution in which you sought, it does not mean that mastering the profession will be an easy and enjoyable process. What’s the matter? Let us recall the notorious phrase:Learn, learn and learn again.” No matter how trite and obvious, but it is so.

The university – it is not only teachers and subjects, textbooks and notes, tests and sessions, term paper writing, absenteeism and sleepless nights. It is also your fellow students, your daily environment. And be sure, if you choose a profession to your liking, based on internal motives, then to find common ground and join the team will be much easier for you – the community of interests always brings people together.

In this case, the university years you will remember with warm feelings, and who knows, maybe the people you meet during the years of study will accompany you throughout your life.

The main thing to remember is: only  you know what is best for you. Listen to yourself and everything will be great.


How to conduct a research


Learning how to effectively search for information sources on the Internet and in the library should not cause difficulties. Learn how to create effective research questions, plan ahead, and to explore the options available, you can start to use good sources for learning and support your capacities in research.

Formation of research questions

Learn about the different types of research that can be conducted. Research carried at any time by the active search for information on a specific topic. You can explore the topic with which you are unfamiliar, and to provide evidence that you are doing a presentation or a research paper. Research can be built by collecting their own data, reading online, or through the use of previous research projects, to concentrate your efforts.

Research work is conducted, when you read on the Internet, get a superficial understanding of the topic. Let’s say you have researched the topic of obesity in the United States. To explore the topic, you can start with a Google search, read the Wikipedia page, and find other web resources to get better acquainted with this topic. What about obesity in the United States? What steps are being taken in this regard? What other articles related to this topic? Health and Fitness? Fast food? What are you interested in further study? In this kind of research you are looking for facts.

Write what you won’t find out.

Once you have studied the subject several times, you can still do not know much, and this is something that you can use to guide your research forming questions. Start asking a lot of questions and write them down. How do people relate to the obesity epidemic, what they refer to in this case? When did it start? Where? What are some of the possible reasons for the existence of the problem?

Take an interest about debates and conversations on the subject.

In each topic there is a question that put at stake by. Something controversial on a controversial topic, and this is what you want to spend the time to learn it. The narrower the topic, the better.

The topic of obesity in the US may be too large. Look at your own community, state or region. What are the statistics on the data? How do they compare with other regions? Which of this you can draw conclusions? Why? If you ask and answer these questions, you are well prepared for your research topic.

Questions, in fact, do not give good subjects for the study because there is nothing to investigate, there is simply a fact to be searched. A good research question, for example, would not be how many people died from obesity?” but “how obesity can kill?”.

Let the study guide your arguments, and not vice versa.

We all have strong opinions about the topics, especially controversial. It can be tempting just in terms of the source of the search, which checks your opinion or will simplify the topic, not complicate it. When you do your research, look for different opinions, arguments and positions and allow yourself to build a strong research potential, not only the arguments that you want to hear.

How to adapt to college


Everyone in his life is going through some period of adaptation. The first “adaptive experience,” he gets to kindergarten, then in first grade. An important moment in the life of each of us is the transition from primary to secondary school and, finally, there comes a point of professional self-determination.

The urgency of the problem of adaptation of students to educational and professional activities due to the fact that in the period of study at the college lays the foundation of professionalism generated the need and readiness for lifelong learning in a changing environment. It is therefore particularly important that the students are actively involved in the learning process from the first month of study. But we must not forget that for admission to college a teenager has significant changes in a life.

Firstly, new educational institution and a new route to the place of study. Secondly, the new team of peers and teachers. Thirdly, the problems associated with living in a student dormitory is the “test of freedom, which is not easy for everyone. In addition, there are difficulties associated with the uncertainty of the profession choice motivation, lack of psychological preparation, poor knowledge of the school curriculum, lack of skills of independent work.

It will take time before the student adapts to new training requirements. Many are reached at great cost. Hence, often there are significant differences in the activity, and especially its results in teaching the same person in the school and in college. Hence, the low performance in the first year, the need for college essay help, misunderstandings, and possibly failure to take the new requirements and the learning environment.

The peculiarity of the first course of the student group is that it has not formed a team, and it does not yet have established and entrenched rules and norms of behavior. In this group, everyone is a new person for each group member. If in the school student was known for many years and has held a certain status, often not objective to him, then when entering the college he has the opportunity to receive a brand new status and position in the team.

Professional adaptation in the conditions of the college is a process of formation of students’ interest to their chosen profession, the desire to master it. This adaptation involves the mastery of the full scope of knowledge and skills in the profession, methodology, and logic of science.

The difficulties faced by freshmen, different in origin. Some objectively inevitable (the development in a new team, relationship with pedagogues), others are subjective and are associated with poor training, education defects in the family and school. But if the student is determined to a question about his choice of profession, realized its value, its positive and negative sides, demands that it puts forward, the training there will be focused and productive, and adaptation will be carried out without much difficulty.

How to quickly do your homework


Homework time-consuming and sometimes even annoying. After all, so many things what you want to spend the time on. Here are some tips on how to quickly deal with homework. If you want to effectively fulfill the lessons, you should be attentive in class and ask the teacher unclear point.

Choose a quiet, secluded place and bring everything you need.

Do your homework at the table. The bedroom is not the best place to do your lessons; here you will be distracted, and you will be captured by laziness. But if you decided to prepare for the lessons in the bedroom, tidy it up. The workplace must be clean and organized, so you are not taken aback school supplies. Take care of good lighting and everything you need, starting with a pencil and ending with a calculator.

Ask your parents and other family members do not bother you.

So it will be comfortable and relaxing.

Remove anything that might divert attention.

Turn off your cell phone, computer (unless you do not need to work), television and close the door. Explain to the family that does not want to be disturbed while you are doing your homeworkthey will understand.

Determine the approximate time to complete lessons.

Try not to waste time. Make a schedule and try to follow it. Remember – time did not return! Do not procrastinate. Especially do not postpone any project (reports, research).

For homework is important to understand the subject.

So you can save more time and will not feel nervous. Pre-contact a teacher.
Do not hesitate to ask for help from family or custom essay writing service. But do not ask if they know the subject – just ask a question.

If you are easily distracted, you will need the following tips:

  • Decide what kind of job will be to carry out the first and hold it only for one task.
  • Set the alarm so that it rang every 5-10 minutes; with each call catch yourself on what you are busy or distracted by.
  • If you are distracted, do not waste your time and energy on emotions. Just go back to homework.
  • If you notice that your attention is always distracted by something, determine the cause of the problem and try to solve it.
  • Reward yourself for each completed task.
  • Have a rest between tasks, then go back to the lessons with renewed vigor. But do not pay too much time for breaks.

Why students order essays?


With abstracts, students begin to encounter at school, in high school, and in the process of obtaining the professional education, such written assignments have to be performed in almost every subject, in large quantities. At first glance, it’s an easy job that can be done in a couple of days without problems, however, many students tend to order the essay. What is the reason for the reluctance of the student to perform a simple at first glance, work?

The reason for the unwillingness of students to write essay themselves

On the one hand, the essay is an easy job that does not require a lot of time to perform, but on the other – the students, in general, practically have no free time, because they have to achieve success in different sectors for example, in work or personal life.

If you need one essay, it is still possible to write by providing a certain amount of time, but usually, collects several works, so they have no time to perform all the tasks qualitatively. It is much easier to order essays from qualified professionals, and get the order in time.

In the expanses of the World Wide Web, there are many companies offering online order essay. In these companies employs highly qualified specialists who know their business and provide the highest quality of writing. However, on the Internet, you can be faced with the crooks who are trying to cash in on the gullibility of the students.

Before placing the order is recommended to see the rating of the organization, read feedback about it. Reliability and credibility will also be signing a contract with a specialized firm. If all the details are settled, you can go directly to the ordering process.

It should also be noted that the essay is not classified as difficult, so it usually takes a little time from writing specialist. If you need to prepare several abstracts, you should make an order in advance. The same applies to work with a specific theme. Papers of such a plan can cause a problem in terms of the availability of experts in the industry.

Writing a simple, at first glance, work can bring the student a lot of problems that can be very easy got rid of. This time is better to be spent on more useful and important things, and the task of performing research works entrust to qualified professionals with extensive experience in the industry.

The most venomous creature of all

Snakes are famous for their venom, and honest to goodness so. Regardless, the most venomous creature of all consistently comes as a bewilderment.

Mixed direct into the substance by inch-long teeth or needle-sharp lances, venom is weaponised science.

In any summary of the world’s most venomous animals, winds consistently get top charging. Not all snakes are venomous, yet rather certain social occasions have created to channel harms through indents or tubes in their teeth.

According to Dr Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, one of his close-by creature bunches makes more venom than some other.


“The mulga snake has surpassed 1.3g of dry venom from a single depleting,” says Fry, whose eagerness for his subject has earned him the sobriquet “Venom Doc”.

Generally called the ruler chestnut snake, this species is typical transversely over Australia. It covers under timber and waste stacks. Fortunately, despite the showing up abundance of venomous snakes, snake snack are remarkable in the country.

Burn says a couple of colossal snakes can make a similar yield of venom, including the master cobra from India, the Gaboon snake of sub-Saharan Africa and the eastern diamondback rattler from the US.

Regardless, yield is not by any methods the main way to deal with gage how venomous a creature assortments is. That is highlighted by the species regularly portrayed as the world’s most venomous scorpion: the radically named deathstalker.


This light yellow 8-legged creature lives in deserts in the Middle East. It seeks after in the midst of the night for worms, centipedes and various yellow creatures.

Scorpions debilitate their prey with their shocking sting. Known as the telson, this last package of their tail contains venom sacs and a spike that permeates the poisonous substances.

At the opposite end of the scale to the mulga snake, the deathstalker’s venom is gone on in short effects to hit its little prey. Yet despite fail to grow longer than 11cm, the deathstalker packs a genuine punch. Tests recommend that 0.25mg of deathstalker venom would be sufficient to execute 1kg-worth of mice.

That is a really extraordinary venom. By and by, even this clearly redress measure is temperamental to decipher, in light of the way that not all venom is proportionate.


Venom can be used as an obstruction against predators or to attack prey. The more centered around the venom, the more mischief it can do. So it is hard to find the most venomous animal on Earth, since they have progressed to target particular species.

Lacking energized human volunteers for their trials, analysts have tended to test venoms on mice. These studies reveal the “center destructive estimation”, which implies the measure of venom it takes to execute half of the mice being attempted.

This isn’t a perfect measure, following various animals are exceptionally not in any manner such as mice. In any case, it is the best we have, and the present chart toppers might dumbfound you: marine snails.


Cone snails are carnivores. Being moderate moving, they have shells that exhibition like suits of defensive layer, yet they can in like manner send venom when incapacitated. A couple of creature gatherings eat worms while others pick off fish. The last pack the best venomous punch.

“For sorts of cone snail that pursuit fish it is basic to have a fast acting and exceptional venom, in light of the fact that by and large fish can without a lot of a stretch break from such a moderate moving predator,” says Dr Ronald Jenner of the Natural History Museum in London, UK.

To chop down their destinations, cone snails have balanced teeth called “radulae”. They are sharp, caught and unfilled, similar to a blend of a spear and a hypodermic needle. The snail dispatches one at a confounded fish, whereupon it goes on a mixed refreshment of poisonous substances that objective the substantial structure. Once the fish is smothered, the cone snail can eat up it.

Cone snails reliably pass on new radulae so they are every so often without their executioner cutlery. The teeth are sufficiently sharp to invade wetsuit fabric and identify with an issue for jumpers. The geology cone snail has a brilliant mottled shell that sometimes pulls in individuals, in any case it is comparably a champion amongst the most venomous species.

The human deadly estimation for its venom has been overviewed at only 0.029-0.038mg for each kg of body mass. 65% of human stinging cases are risky without medicinal thought – however just 36 such fatalities have been recorded following to 1670.

That goes on us to the last variable influencing venomous creatures: that they are so at danger to identify with a threat.


The inland taipan, which moreover goes by the moniker “angry snake”, is customarily recognized as the world’s most venomous snake in light of the power of its venom. Its center destructive estimations for mice has been found out at 0.025mg/kg. It just pursues very much advanced animals, so its venom can wreak pounding sways on the human tangible framework, blood, muscles and organs.

Nevertheless, the inland taipan lives in the remote deserts of central Australia and researchers delineate it as hermitic. Its shoreline front cousin has a weaker venom, be that as it may it is considered by various to be more hazardous. It lives in rises and timberlands along the tropical bank of Australia, where people are inclined to come into contact with it.

Also as with most snakes, enmity is a last resort for the waterfront taipan. Regardless, when it is undermined it can snack a couple times with barely an interruption in the middle of, on and on passing on a full stack of venom.

This same behavior clears up why the dim mamba has such a terrible reputation.


Nearby to sub-Saharan Africa, the dim mamba is truly olive-shaded: it is named for the shade of inside of its mouth. Right when cornered it demonstrates its open mouth and mumbles to alert off the danger. It will simply sink its venomous teeth in when prompted further.

In any case, individuals are not staying incessantly. Creating peoples suggest that settlements are encroaching on snakes’ spaces in various parts of the world. That infers life-incapacitating snakebites are a creating issue.

“Scorpions sting 500,000 people a year in Mexico alone, with 150,000 of these requiring killing operators venom,” says Fry. “Snakes, regardless, eat 1 million people in India alone, with 50,000 of these shriveling and around an expansive part of the survivors having some sort of constant mischief.”

Venoms may be obfuscated, however whether you are a diving guest or a subsistence agriculturist, it is clever to know them.

“All in all, envenomation is the most rejected of each tropical diseas,” says Fry.