How to make friends in college


It does not matter where you come to the first day of school: a small private school, or a huge universitymeeting new people can be a real challenge for you. If you want to make friends with fellow students need to remember that they are all just as nervous and scared as you are, so you need to integrate into society as soon as possible, as long as the class is not crashed on the closed group. If you want to learn how to quickly make friends in college, listen to these advices.

Be active

Sign up for one or two groups of interest. This is the easiest and most effective way to meet new people who share similar hobbies. Do not be afraid to go there alone. This is the only way to get to know people better, especially if you are learning in a large university. Small university colleges do not offer a large selection of clubs. They are usually related to the technical and vocational program. During the first few weeks each student attends such classes himself. If you enroll in a circle later, most people will still be happy to see you in class. You can choose on your liking or at random.

Join a local sports team.

Sports activities a wonderful way to make new acquaintances. All team members are united by one goal. If you do not like the team inter-university competitions, you can join the local team. Much of your time will be spent on training, which will create a team spirit. During the game you will feel like a member of a huge family. If you do not like sports, do some theater or music.

Sign up for extracurricular activities.

Electives (especially on the basis of the laboratory) are a wonderful way to make friends. If you are interested in music, join a group or choir or music producer course, if interested in writing then try yourself in writing help. If you love art, sign up for art history. If you like sport, sign up for bowling or weightlifting. If you want to know about health care, sign up for elective psychology or biology.

Sign up for Facebookis not the time to be original.

If you are not registered on Facebook, your new acquaintances may not remember you, and completely stop communicating. You can not receive invitations to social events. In the modern age of the Internet need to add on Facebook some classmates and fellow students to make friends with them. This must be done immediately after a personal meeting. Join groups that meet your interests – so you can make friends with new people.

Consider the possibility of joining a student organization or student women’s club.

The so-called “Greek society” is not for everyone, but do not discard the thought of it until you try. On the territory of some of the colleges “Greek life” leads society. If you ignore the active steps, you risk an opportunity to make friends for life only because of your skepticism. In other colleges, student organizations include the small number of students. However, student organizations – is a great way to make friends.


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